Welcome to The WaterHouseProject !


We are Anna W. Glass

and Associates

In 2011 we started a boutique creative agency

under the name of WaterHouseProject

with the idea to help small businesses grow.

In 2018 we represent over 20 brands, locally in California and overseas, in Japan, France and Australia.


Our History

Each of us has more than 15 years of experience in art direction, content creation and branding.

Consulting and Branding

We will guide your digital growth and help you refine the story of a brand, persona or business. With the help of Glass Consulting services we determine the targeting for your social media in order to increase your following and sales. Our creative team will develop original concept+content for your brand, attract more people to your social media.

Content creation

We work with the finest selection of professionals in film & digital photography, videography and storytelling. We believe that true stories about true people is what matters. A history behind the brand, it's legacy, the person that created it makes it authentic, real stories attract more followers and more customers. Let us tell your story in a way that will make you stand out!

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